Typical Hutley Move

A Typical Hutley Move

Your Hutley Moving Consultant will be the first member of our family you meet. He is a professional. He is specifically trained to answer your questions about moving and packing.

Our Moving Consultant will look around your home with you. He will ask questions about your move, household goods, and your timetable. He will discuss moving obligations - yours and ours - and answer any questions you may have.

He will prepare a cost estimate based on a complete inventory of items you tell him you want moved. Bear in mind, this will be an estimate. Actual charges won't be known until your shipment has been packed, loaded on the van and weighed.

Remember, here is your chance to discard. This will reduce the weight of your shipment, and lower your moving costs. So plan a garage sale. Or give to charity all those items you no longer want, need, or don't wish to transport.

Our Consultant will offer suggestions to help you prepare for your move. At your request he will provide a checklist of things to do, offer tax deduction hints, change of address cards, packing tips for "do-it-yourselfers,” even special cartons.

When your packers arrive, they will work quickly and efficiently, wrapping, crating and packing room-by-room.

As your belongings are loaded on the van, you will carefully note each item on an inventory sheet. When we finish we'll be off to your new destination.

On the day of delivery, Hutley will arrive and unload the van under your supervision and direction. You will be asked to pay the driver with a certified check, cash, money order, or major credit card upon approval, inspect your goods for damages, and sign the delivery papers.


Everything a driver puts on a Hutley Van will be noted on an inventory sheet. He will also note its condition. It is your responsibility to make sure that his description is accurate. If you disagree with a given appraisal, note it on your copy of the inventory sheet.

When your shipment comes off the van, and is moved into your new home, you will be asked to check each item on your inventory sheet again. If something has been accidently damaged or is missing, mark it down and notify our Claim Department in writing


As careful as any moving company is, things sometimes get damaged. And yes, on occasion lost. It is important
to be familiar with movers liabilities as well as your own claim opportunities.

Remember, the Federal Government requires protection up to, but not exceeding, 60 cents per pound per article, at no extra cost. This is built into the cost of your move. However, this basic coverage seldom provides full protection.

Detailed information on the several options you have are outlined in the booklet “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. Every mover is required to provide a copy for your keeping prior to your move.


Need to store your belongings for a while? We can do this for you, too. Hutley has quality, approved storage facilities around the country. Here, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety to insure your goods a place to stay until you are ready to have your shipment delivered.

The Bottom Line.

Frankly, all movers must conform to strict government regulations. By and large, equipment, procedures and personnel are similar. They meet pre-set standards.

Most firms have years of experience.

So why choose Hutley for your move?

Simple. On interstate moves, Hutley can cost you less money. That's the bottom line. All movers will estimate the size of your move and its approximate cost at no charge or obligation on your part. But remember, this is an estimate - not a bill. By Federal law, all movers are required to charge you for the actual weight moved a specific distance - at their published rates. A lower estimate does not necessarily mean a lower cost for the move. A lower rate does. Most franchised carriers have allowed customers to believe that interstate movers cost the same. Not so. If the published rates are lower, the cost will be lower.

And the fact is, for the same interstate service, our Hutley rates are up to 10% lower than almost any franchised interstate carriers. When you compare a Hutley estimate with one from another mover, make sure the estimated weight and the distance are the same. Then look at the Hutley bottom line. Why pay more? Move with Hutley.

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"Hutley Van Systems, Inc. is registered with the State of Florida as a Mover. Registration No. IM1727."

Hutley Van Systems Inc. Is Not a Moving Broker. Hutley will not resale your job and all work will be performed by our professionally trained movers and packers. Hutley Van Systems home office is Casselberry, Florida 32707

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