Packing Tips


If you plan to do your own packing, here are some helpful hints to insure your valuables the safest trip possible.
- Start early. Packing takes time. Pack carefully. You don't want to be rushed.
- If you are supplying your own materials, be sure to use cartons possessing at least 200 lbs. of “burst strength”(This should be noted on each carton.)
- Use lots of protective wrapping materials. This is the least expensive part of the move… and can save you the most.
- Don't overload boxes --- this can damage contents.
- Close carton tops securely. Use heavy masking tape. Ask for Hutley's special packaging tape.
- Mark each carton clearly. Note contents and room destination.


Ask for Hutley's special hanging wardrobe cartons. These will save lots of ironing and pressing later. Otherwise, fold and pack clothes in boxes, cartons, chests, trunks or dresser drawers.

Dishes and Glassware

Hutley's dish barrels are specially designed to carry your valuable china and bric-a-brac. Line bottoms of barrels with paper. Place well-wrapped, heavy items on the bottom.

Plates, platters and bowls should be placed on edge. Add more cushioning paper and place fragile, smaller items on top. Then seal.

Wrap glasses and stemware individually. Place them "bottoms up" and use plenty of protective paper to cushion their move.

Kitchen items and foodstuffs.

First, clean your small appliances. Wrap them and put in boxes with other small utensils, pots and pans.

Silver and silverware-----not in silver chests ----- Should be wrapped separately in non-tarnish tissue paper.

Put tanned goods in small sturdy cartons. Tape shut all food containers (cereals, sugar, flour, etc.) and wrap. DO NOT PACK PERISHABLES, FLAMMABLES OR AEROSOLS.

Paintings and Mirrors

Smaller ones can be crated or packed with bedding, blankets and towels. Let Hutley crate the larger ones.

Books and Records

Pack in small cartons on their edges. Limit each carton to 50 lbs.

Special Items

- Lamp Shades-Wrap each in clean paper (avoid newsprint which can rub off and soil). Don’t stuff several into one another. Box each separately.
- Refrigerators-Defrost and dry thoroughly inside. Wrap glass trays and containers like any other breakable.
- TV and Stereos-Some require servicing by Qualified appliance personnel. Ask us. We can Arrange for one to help for a small charge.
- Medicines- Secure all tops, caps and covers with cellophane tape. Pack paper firmly between bottles. Mark carton “Fragile” and “This End Up.”
- Jewelry and Valuables-Don’t pack them. Keep them with you.

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