Moving Checklist

Thirty-Fifteen Days Before

- Eliminate everything you won't move.
- Call mover for estimate.
- Notify post office of new address.
- Gather medical, dental records.
- Transfer insurance records.
- Notify schools, have transcripts forwarded.
- Arrange pet shipment and immunization records.
- Begin to use up the food in your freezer.
- List all your questions as they come up. Ask them as soon as possible.
- Prepare inventory of goods.
- Arrange method of payment.
- Arrange for packing cartons needed.
- Fill out change-of-address.
- Check and clear tax assessments.
- Check auto licensing requirements.
- Close local charge accounts.
- Make travel plans.
- Make hotel reservations, reconfirm later.
- Decide what items of low value, high weight you are going to give to charity. Get a signed receipt for what you give away to use for tax return.

Two Weeks Before

- Do your packing a little bit at a time. Don't wear yourself out.
- Collect clothing, items to clean, repair.
- Have farewell parties, visits.
- Have a garage sale to eliminate articles you don't want to move.

One Week Before

- Dispose of all flammables.
- Plan travel games, activities.
- Take down curtains, rods, shelves. TV antenna.
- Withdraw the contents of your safe deposit box.
- If traveling with pets, get tranquilizers for the trip. Make sure vaccinations and papers are in order.
- Use your kitchen cart or server as a mobile packing table.
- Return things borrowed, collect those loaned.
- Arrange to disconnect utilities.
- Arrange to connect same at new home.
- Make arrangements to have heavy appliances serviced for move.
- Have car tune-up for the trip. Check oil, water, battery and tires.
- Pack suitcases.
- Set things aside to pack in car.
- Get sitter for moving day.
- Check with your phone company to see what phones you may take. This may entitle you to a credit.
- Make up "Do not move" cartons for articles to be taken in car.

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